Thinking outside the box….that’s what these realtors did.

A friend of mine posted this video on their Facebook feed to show that her parents’ house was on the market. I went to watch it out of curiosity and was blown away! For years I have thought that this would be a great way to approach sellign a house, but have never seen it done. Until now. This is the sort of thinking that people need to be doing when it comes to social media. The time has come to think outside of the box and these realtors did it.

What is so special about this video? It is unique. It doesn’t follow the same old real estate video that has just a slide show of pictures with the address of the home. They took it one step beyond that by making the viewer of the video a part of the experience. This is the sort of thing that gets noticed. On top of that, they made a custom website (that is not fully functional yet, but that is ok) just for that specific property with a domain name to match! Pure genius I say.

How can you apply this to your business? It’s easy…all you need to do is get creative like these realtors. Think about how you can draw your potential customers in. How can you make them a part of the experience? If they can see exactly how awesome whatever your business has to offer is, they will more than likely want to be a part of it or talk about it to others.