These days when most people think of social media the usual suspects come to mind: Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The one that many people overlook or just plain don’t understand is LinkedIn. I like to think of LinkedIn as the Facebook of the business world. While Facebook and Pinterest are filled with moms posting recipes, families posting vacation photos and kids spreading drama, LinkedIn is a networking jackpot for business owners, job searchers, and decision makers!

Don’t get me wrong, there is a place in social media for both. Where Facebook lacks seriousness, LinkedIn makes up for it. By placing a personal profile as well as business profiles for both of my businesses on LInkedIn, I have access to a network of thousands of people that are interested in the services I offer. In fact, since putting my businesses out there on LinkedIn, I have realized a significant growth in website traffic as well as inquiries about the services that my businesses offer!

If you haven’t already, make a profile for both yourself and your business. Start posting updates there, but remember to be a little more formal in your approach when it comes to posts on LinkedIn. These are potential clients of sometimes huge companies! While they may have a sense of humor, this is not the place to complain or show videos of your baby’s first steps. This is a place to make and close deals!

Once you’ve created your profile, start exploring the world of LinkedIn Groups. Do a search in the groups section for terms that match what your business does and start reading! More importantly, start participating in the discussions! The more your name and business name is mentioned, the better! Groups are an awesome way to get advice and to learn what people in your industry are facing so that you can adjust your business processes to be more successful!

Let’s not underestimate the ability that LinkedIn has to create more inbound-links for your domain either! Remember, in good SEO we are always trying to bet more high quality links directed back to our websites. The more, the better!

Get over to LinkedIn today!