This weekend I went into my garage to get our Rug Doctor and proceeded to open it up to get it ready to use like I have so many times before (I tend to spill things).  When I opened it I realized that I had forgotten to fix it when it broke the last time I used it.  I was frustrated…more at myself than anything.  My iPad was right next to me so I did a quick search, found the parts that I needed and then attempted to place my order on Rug Doctor’s web site.  The problem was that the site was not accepting orders…some sort of server error.

I promise you this story is going somewhere….bear with me.

Annoyed, I picked up the phone and called the customer service number to place the order over the phone.  A nice woman named Jean answered the phone and I told her that I needed to place an order for the parts I needed.  She promptly asked for my serial number and then proceeded to tell me that I didn’t need to purchase the parts because they were under warranty and that she was going to send me a retro-fit kit that would fix this problem forever.  I was stoked!  I just saved about $40!

Being the social media nerd that I am, I picked my iPad back up, opened up the Twitter app and posted the following tweet:

“Love it when a company is honest. I was about to pay for replacement parts and found out they were under warranty. @RugDoctor you rock!”

Within minutes my tweet was not only favorited and retweeted by Rug Doctor, but they also sent me a personalized tweet as well. It read:

@crealities You rock too, Nick! Have a great day :)”


That right there is how you do business using social media.  Because of this tweet and the customer service I received on that phone call earlier from Jean, Rug Doctor has a customer for life. They made me feel like I matter and that is important in the eyes of the consumer.  We want to know that someone is listening.

So, small businesses and large businesses alike, take this lesson from Rug Doctor.  Don’t just hear your customers, listen to them  and engage with them.  You won’t regret it.