Keeping track of your competitors as well as your online reputation should be high on your list of priorities in today’s age of the interwebs!  Staying on top of these things is a must so that you can maintain a close eye on what is going on in your industry and so that you can make sure no one is talking smack about your beloved brand.

Enter TalkWalker Alerts.  TalkWalker is a free service that allows you to create “alerts” based on search terms that you specify.  When something is posted on the internet matching those search terms, you will receive an email so that you can check out what is being said on the web about your search query.

The first alerts you should set up are one with a search query of your business name and another with your web site’s URL.  This way whenever anyone posts anything relevant to your brand or website, you’ll be notified.  This is beneficial for both positive and negative posts on the internet so that you can either thank the person who wrote something positive about your brand or in the case of negative comments, you can try to remedy the situation to maintain your reputation on the internet.  Communication with your clients is important.

Other alerts that are beneficial are the names of industry competitors as well as general search terms that are relevant to your industry to keep you in the loop about new happenings.  It helps you to stay nimble and be ready to change when the need arises.