For years I hand coded web sites. I spent countless hours painstakingly coding and testing and then coding and testing some more. It was tedious and it took a lot of time. I loved every minute of it, but found that I was reinventing the wheel every time I went in to build a new web site. It just didn’t make sense!

Several years back I set out to figure out a way to get away from that so I could focus more energy studying Search Engine Optimization and Social Media techniques that would benefit my business, but more importantly, my clients’ businesses. I tried out several different Content Management Systems (CMS) and eventually fell in love with WordPress. WordPress allows me to create a site that is user friendly, efficient for search engines (the search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities are amazing!), and easier for my clients to make updates than a hand-coded, static web site.

Fast forward to today. Every site I create is in WordPress. I guess you could classify me as a WordPress Junkie. Sure I can still hand code a site, but I choose not to. That may make me a bit less of a purist in the world of web development, but honestly that is okay with me. I’d rather be more productive and get my clients a better site, quicker.