Studio Capabilities: This is Where the Magic Happens!


It’s who you are, your first impression to your potential clients. What does your logo say about you? We painstakingly use our creative minds to present you and your business in the best light possible by creating an impactful, relevant logo to draw your potential client in and to create an identity that you will be proud of.

Graphic Design & Collateral

Business cards, flyers, postcards, and brochures are just a few of the printed materials that we can design for you to promote your business and its capabilities. Our team takes your ideas and organizes them in a way that highlights what your business offers and makes those offerings stand out to set you apart from your competition!

Logo Design

A first impression, as they say, is the most important one. At the same time, it needs to be a unique one! We craft thoughtful, timeless logos to compliment your business and it’s mission. With a professional logo design, your company is sure to make a lasting impression and attract new business.

Copy Writing

Words are important! What are your words saying about your business? Making sure that what you are saying is what needs to be said is a critical part of marketing your product or brand. By researching your industry and knowing the essence of what you offer, we formulate the words that will make people aware of who you are, what you do, and why you do it!

Email Marketing Campaigns

Want your email marketing campaigns to have some style instead of boring people with plain emails? Do you want these emails to reach more people? We can help you design and maintain an email marketing campaign that gets results using either Constant Contact or our personal favorite, Mail Chimp!

Web Site Design

Over the years we have developed our share of web sites for clients in the area. Our team of designers makes sure that your site is one that makes an impact without blowing your budget. Having a web site doesn’t have to break the bank. We get you on your way to a professional web presence that will attract the attention your business deserves!

Search Engine Optimization

Having the best web site on the planet means nothing if potential clients can’t find it! By studying your industry and the keywords that bring users to your site, we develop a solution to help your site appear at or near the top of most search engines. Search Engine Optimization is a game and we do our best to be a top player.

Social Media Consulting

Is your business social? If not, it needs to be! Social Media Marketing has become a critical component of the success of any business. By setting you up on major Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest in addition to educating you on the proper use of them, we get you one step closer to getting your business noticed!